• Administrative Core

    The overall objective of the Administrative Core is to ensure that the IDDRC operates to fulfill broad goals compatible with the mission of NICHD IDDRCs.

  • Cellular Imaging Core

    The Cellular Imaging Core (CIC) provides investigators with affordable access to state-of the-art microscopy & powerful image analysis software. We offer free training and consultation services to achieve optimal images for individual research programs.

  • Clinical Translational Core

    The Clinical/Translational Core leverages the existing infrastructure of the Translational Neuroscience Center to provide support for preclinical and translational research. The Core offers Preclinical Services including the Human Neuron Core for disease modeling using human neurons derived from patients as well as the Cellular Assay Development and Screening Service, a high-throughput, high-content bioassay core which enables researchers to screen for novel compounds. The Core also offers Translational Services including IRB protocol development and study implementation support through the Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs Service and statistical support through the Data Analysis Core. Additional resources available through the Core include a biorepository for biological samples and paired phenotypic data, a research participant registry for recruitment of patients and controls, and preclinical consultation.

  • Molecular Genetics Core

    The Molecular Genetics Core provides high quality, low cost genomic technology services and expertise for academic researchers

  • Mouse Gene Manipulation Core

    This core performs ES cell culture and mouse embryo microinjections for the generation of genetically altered mice with either random or targeted mutations.

  • Neurodevelopmental Behavioral Core

    The Neurodevelopmental Behavioral Core is designed to raise the quality and breadth of mouse model behavioral testing/phenotyping at this IDDRC by providing a wide array of protocols, training, and equipment to all our investigators.