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Jeffrey A. Golden, MD

Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School






I am a physician-scientist who spends 20% effort running a basic and translational developmental neuroscience research laboratory and 80% effort administratively as the Chair of the Pathology Department at the Brigham and Women’s hospital, Harvard Medical School and as a clinical neuropathologist. My research is focused on elucidating the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying differentiation and migration of neurons in the mammalian forebrain. We use a combination of mouse genetics, in vivo and in vitro models, and molecular and cellular biology methodologies to study the migration and differentiation of cortical neurons. This work is aimed at understanding the molecular pathogenesis of neurocognitive disorders such as epilepsy, intellectual disabilities and autism. As Chair of Pathology I am highly focused on methods to integrate large data sets to enhance our ability to diagnose, prognosticate, stratify patient treatments, conduct biomarker discovery, and enable actionable targeted therapy implementation. In all of these roles I have served as an advisor and mentor to numerous undergraduate and graduate students, medical students, residents, clinical fellows and postdoctoral fellows.

Arx Associated Transcriptional Networks In Neocortical Development - R56 NS100007