The use of the NBC

is primarily intended for members of the IDDRC however non-members of the IDDRC may use the NBC but the cost will be slightly higher to use the facilities.

Acknowledging the NBC

All users of the Core must cite our Center (“CHB IDDRC, 1U54HD090255”) in all publications that result from work supported by the NBC.

Using mice from a designated breeding establishment external to Children’s Hospital

Only mice from a vendor that abides by pathogen-free standards and can shipped directly to the on-site facilities for housing may be used.  This restriction is designed to minimize the spread of pathogens through the use of shared equipment.

Using mice bred within Children’s Hospital

(see transfer procedures here on ARCH wesbite http://web2.tch.harvard.edu/resops/mainpageS2785P93.html)

Entry to the NBC

Before a room can be reserved, Users must set up an IDDRC Core account by visiting  https://childrenshospital.corefacilities.org/service_center/show_external/3067 and setting up an account to include name of PI, name of Fund Manager & Funding Number to be used for billing.  Entry is restricted to card-key access which will be granted by ARCH.

If new to the NBC or the equipment intended for use

Users must be trained by NBC personnel.  The intention is that this will harmonise the execution of protocols, techniques and methodologies thereby helping to generate standard conditions throughout the Core against which quality can be controlled.