Fee Structure for the Microscopy and Image Analysis Components


IRDDRC Member Cost

Non-member Cost
2-Photon, Resonant canner $60.00/hour N/A
LSM 710 $26.00/hour $60.00/hour
LSM 700 $26.00/hour $60.00/hour
SD confocal $20.00/hour, if less than 10 hours long* $30.00/hour, if less than 10 hours long*
Array Tomographer $5.00/hour $9.00/hour
Neurolucida/CLARITY $5.00/hour $8.00/hour
StereoDiscovery V.20 $5.00/hour $8.00/hour
Volocity/IMARIS software $4.00/hour $8.00/hour
Nikon Microscopes $3.00/hour $5.00/hour
Training/Consultation FREE FREE

*For live sample imaging sessions of 10-24hours, the cost is $10/hour (internal) or $15/hour (outside); for sessions longer than 24hours, the cost is $5/hour (internal) or $7.5/hour (outside).