Microscopy Policies

General policy

1. Training is required before using any Imaging Core equipment.

2. Time on the equipment must be reserved in advance (click here to reserve time).

3. Users are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the equipment after each session. Oil immersion objectives must be wiped clean with optical lens paper only. Water objectives must be rinsed with water and wiped clean with optical lens paper only.

4. Users agree to immediately report instrument damages to the managing staff.

5. Users will acknowledge the IDDRC Imaging Core in published work.

Time use policy

1. Maximum of three 3-hour sessions per week per individual for confocal microscope during regular business hours (). Please contact the managing staff if you need more time.

2. Users may be charged for time scheduled. If you are more than 15 minutes late, someone else may take your time.

3. Hours of operation are from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri or by appointment. Experienced users may have after-hour access.

4.     Please record time usage in the microscope “Log Sheet”.