The Administrative Core serves as a gateway for investigators who want to access our Cores and services. We help our PIs keep in touch with other investigators (both within our center and in IDDRCs around the country), and we provide research updates by organizing and publicizing seminars and by disseminating the publications of study investigators within our website. We also aid investigators who are involved (or about to be involved) in clinical research by serving as a bridge to the wide variety of services available within the CHB/Harvard community to support clinical and translational research.

Other administrative/managerial support functions of the Administrative Core include the following:

  • Provision of current information regarding availability of funding sources
  • Assistance with budgets, bio-sketches and other support information
  • Assistance with compliance issues concerning NIH regulations regarding animal welfare and inclusion of women and minorities in human research
  • Assistance in developing and updating business plans
  • Assistance with billing and managing accounts receivable
  • Compliance documentation (insuring that effort reports, etc are completed accurately and timely)

Additional Information