Administrative Core

The overall objective of the Administrative Core is to ensure that the IDDRC operates to fulfill broad goals compatible with the mission of NICHD IDDRCs. The Core strives to link federally funded area investigators whose research is relevant to learning and developmental disabilities. We facilitate multidisciplinary research and research training and aid in the translation of basic research findings to clinical application.

We focus on:

  • Enhancing the interaction of basic and clinical/behavioral scientists;
  • Including both basic and clinical investigators in the Center;
  • Developing innovative research programs that cross traditional boundaries;
  • Fostering exceptionally exciting and productive “New Program” Investigators; and
  • Ensuring the dissemination of scientific information emanating from our Center.

In addition to providing state-of-the art scientific core facilities, the IDDRC helps its members locate and interact with scientists who share research interests. Our seminar series provides a forum for the sharing of ideas and the fostering of collaborations within the Center. Our investigator directories extend beyond the Harvard-Longwood Medical Area to include IDDRC investigators based at major centers throughout the country.

The Administrative Core creates a web page for each IDDRC PI. These web pages are posted not only in our own website, but also in a central DDRC web portal hosted by the NICHD. Investigators can use both websites to locate colleagues and learn about their current research activities. When collaborations are established with other investigators, working groups can establish “sub-portals” within the IDDRC central web portal for research networks of any size. Virtual work groups can be created on specific topics related to developmental disabilities, and the site can be used to store large documents for access by all members of the workgroup.

Additional Information