David Bellinger, PhD

David Bellinger, PhD

Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Senior Research Associate in Neurology, Children’s Hospital Boston

Department: Neurology
Address: PVL 152.4
Phone: 617-355-6565
Email: David.Bellinger@childrens.harvard.edu
URL: David Bellinger, PhD's Web Site


• Clinical/Translational Neuroscience
• Endogenous and Exogenous Toxins and Brain Development

Overview: David Bellinger focuses on two types of early insults to the developing nervous system--those of chemical exposures, (e.g., lead, fluoride, mercury, and cocaine)--and those related to serious medical conditions (e.g., congenital heart lesions).

Research Projects:

R01_ES016283 - Metal Exposure and Children’s Preschool Development
R01HD061336-02 - Effects of General vs Regional Anesthesia on Infant Neurodevelopment and Apnea